There is, at the instructor’s discretion, a 3% late penalty on all submitted assignments, for a maximum of 5 late days. Weekends count as a single day. Late assignments must be submitted electronically through “My Courses,” as well as in hard copy in class.


  • You must ensure you are properly registered for the course. If you have any concerns about your registration status, you may confirm on-line, confirm with the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences Office, or contact the Registrar. Please first check your registration and read the codes carefully (the codes are clearly explained in the Course Calendar which is available on-line at http://www.ocad.ca).
  • You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner respectful of your instructor and your fellow students. This includes, at a minimum:
  • Arriving on time
  • Turning off your cell phone upon arrival
  • If late, entering the classroom with the least disruption
  • Not interrupting or speaking when someone else has the floor
  • Using your laptop appropriately (i.e. not for email)


Only under very special circumstances may students hand in late assignments or be absent from classes or tests/exams. If a student is sick, it is incumbent upon the student to notify the Instructor (and the Faculty Office, in the case of missed tests, mid-term exams or final exams) with proper documentation as soon as possible.  All exams carry an administrative charge of $70. Students with special needs must contact the office for Students with Disabilities, ext. 339 at least two weeks prior to the test or assignment, if free and confidential resources are to be provided.


A student who foresees a conflict between a religious obligation and any scheduled class assignments, including the final examination, must notify his/her instructor in writing and in the case of final examinations must make a written request to the appropriate Faculty Office within three weeks of the first class. Late requests for an exam deferral are subject to a fee of $70.


Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s ideas, opinions, writings, etc. and representing them as one’s own. You plagiarize whenever you borrow another scholar’s ideas or quote directly from a work without giving credit through proper citation or acknowledgement. Plagiarism is a serious offense at OCADU (please see OCADU’s Policy in the OCADU Academic Calendar). Any assignment in which the ideas of another author are intentionally represented without acknowledgement and/or presented as the student’s own work will receive a grade of zero. Please click here for more information.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Writing and Learning Centre at OCADU have developed a set of ‘OCADU Writing Style Guidelines’ for students to consult with regard to proper research citation. Copies of the Writing Style Guidelines are available at the Writing and Learning Centre and online. You can also consult the MLA, APA, or Chicago style guides online through the library website. Please click here for more information.


Each student has final responsibility for her or his conduct. Students are expected to be aware of and abide by the regulations as they have been established in OCADU’s academic and non-academic policies, which can be found on the OCADU website under “Student Policies”. These policies outline the responsibility of students to “conduct themselves appropriately and reflect the highest standards of integrity in non-academic as well as academic behaviour”. All allegations of misconduct will be reported and investigated as per the current policies.